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3 months ago
Jimmy and his crew are professional and will go the extra mile to do the right thing. The communication throughout the process was remarkably smooth and consistent and whenever I had a concern they immediately addressed it professionally. Jimmy is fair, transparent and honest and I do trust his judgment and expertise. I also love my new metal roof. Highly recommend.
- Shari G
2 months ago
We had an Interlock Metal Roof installed several years ago which we love! Before and after the installation of this new roof, we were experiencing inside leakage near one of the chimneys. Prior to the new roof, we thought it was a roofing issue which turned out not to be the case. We attempted to address the leakage issue with no luck, for several years. Last week I reached out to Metal Roof NC -- who became the Interlock Metal Roof dealer for NC sometime after our installation -- for help brainstoring this problem. Within 1 hour of the call James (roofing specialist and company owner) was able to come by and take a look. He used a drone to take pictures from above that revealed problems with the chimney that needed repair. James then arranged for a chimney repair service provider to do the work. Within 1 week after connecting with Metal Roof NC we had identified most likely root cause and had it addressed. We are so grateful and delighted to recognize James and his company for th...
- Anne H
4 months ago
We are enjoying our new roof from Metal Roof NC. It is beautiful! Installed this year 2020. We liked the crew. They were respectful of property and finished the job in a few days. The owner was, and still is, available to us and inspected the work regularly. We recommend this company for any roofing needs. They also cleaned up after themselves very well.
- Fred F

Roof Leak Repair & Replacement Experts

Metal Roof NC Roofing Raleigh are proud to be serving the greater Raleigh area. Our mission is to ensure peace of mind for every customer through exceptional service. Our area has experienced strong storms that have resulted in hail and storm-related damage in some communities. If your home has suffered storm damage, Metal Roof NC can help! Schedule a free inspection and estimate today.

No homeowner ever wants to experience a roofing emergency, but sometimes mother nature has other plans. In the event of a roofing emergency, it’s important to quickly get professional repairs in order to prevent damage to the inside of your home. 

Your home is the largest investment you’ll ever make. A weather tight and total roofing system from Metal Roof NC is the best way to protect it and preserve its value. Our professional metal roofing Raleigh NC team will design and build a complete, integrated roofing system using high quality materials from the nation’s most trusted Interlock Metal Roofing System. All our products are installed with professional care and craftsmanship. You’ll sleep better under a Metal Roof NC roof! 

Many roofing companies offer a limited choice when it comes to the type of roof they install. Not Metal Roof NC. We know that every home is different and requires its own unique solution for a properly installed roofing system. That’s why we offer a wide variety of metal roofing materials and styles, including  shingle, tiles, shakes, standing seam, and solid copper. We have extensive experience in all types of roof installation, from steeply pitched roofs to flat roofing. We’ll help you choose the best roof for your home and budget.  

You want your new roof to deliver many years of reliable performance and protection. That’s why we never skimp on the materials we use during installation. We have partnered with the nation’s most trusted roofing manufacturer to ensure that your roof provides lasting value and protection.

Nothing lasts forever. That includes your roofing system. Years of exposure to the elements can take a toll on any roof. But that does not always mean you need to go through a complete roof replacement. In many cases a well-planned, professionally done roof repair will restore the integrity of your roofing system and reestablish its ability to protect what is most important to you. 

Metal Roof NC has been able to help countless homeowners and commercial property owners to restore and reinvigorate their roofs by making timely repairs. It can often be a way to add years of life to a roof, and to ensure you will continue to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have a Metal Roof NC roof over your head. 

For both homes and commercial buildings, routine maintenance of your roof is necessary to maintain the roof’s integrity and to protect the underlying structure.

Residential Roof Maintenance 
Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your roof will continue to do its job of protecting your home and family. Scheduling routine roof check-ups with Metal Roof NC will also give our roofing professionals the chance to spot hidden damage, and to identify and correct potential problems before they explode into serious – and expensive – issues. A maintenance program can also help extend your roof’s service life, pushing back the date when a roof replacement is needed.

Your roof maintenance starts with a full inspection and evaluation of your roof’s current condition, along with recommendations for any immediate repairs. Then we’ll set up a scheduled maintenance calendar that meets your annual budget needs while addressing the critical issues of roof integrity and ongoing performance. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance
Like your company’s equipment or vehicles, your building’s roof requires regular maintenance in order to function at peak performance. This is especially true for commercial roofing systems, as they are often protecting expensive equipment, stock, or produce. 

A commercial roofing maintenance plan from Metal Roof NC involves more than just sweeping off dirt and clearing out gutters. We have a comprehensive understanding of how roofing systems are designed and how they should be functioning. This knowledge of roofing materials and systems allows us to provide quality maintenance to any style of roof (even if we did not install it).

Our maintenance plan includes regularly scheduled visits from our commercial roofing specialists to inspect all components of your roofing system. You’ll get a written report of our findings, including any potential problems we find and recommended repairs. We can repair or replace worn or damaged sections before they expand to become serious problems. Plus, we are always available to respond quickly to unexpected events, such as storm damage, sudden leaks and other roof damage.

Your roof is the single largest structural system on your home or commercial property. It is there to protect everything underneath. Don’t ignore it! A roof maintenance program from Metal Roof NC will help your roof continue to provide reliable protection and deliver a longer life cycle. That is the way to get an even better return on investment for your roofing assets.

How do I know if my roof needs replacement?
Most homeowners know they need a new roof when they see spots or leaks in the ceiling, but there are other telltale signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Consider the following warning signs:
Shingle granules showing up in your gutters
Signs of water leakage or damage in ceiling
Light shining through roof (in attic)
Shingles curling or cracking
Dark spots or trails on roof
Saggy spots on roof
Missing shingles

What type of roofing material is best for my home?
We know the importance of your home investment and want to help you make it last for many years to come. Choosing the correct material can be the deciding factor in a roof’s durability. Metal Roof NC experts will provide you with the best options out there for a strong and reliable roof. We will discuss each metal roofing material to you when we meet, as each roof has its own pros and cons considering a new roof requires many different elements that are important to recognize when making the decision to get a new roof installed.

Let us help you start the process by encouraging you to consider the following: 

What is your overall budget for the project?
Consider how the roof may complement design elements your home already has
Examine the different efficiency options each system provides
Understand the basic maintenance different systems require
Find out the longevity of each roofing material 

At Metal Roof NC, we strive to go that extra mile for our customers because most roofing companies simply do not. Our commitment to taking care of our customers has made us a reputable metal roofing contractor in the Raleigh area. Call us today and let us show you what we're all about! 

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